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Detailed Cinosulfuron Description
Herbicide, Sulfonylurea

c) Chemical name: 1 - (4,6 - dimethoxy - 1,3,5 - triazin - 2-) - 3-[2 - (2 - ) phenylsulfonyl]urea
d) Molecular formula: C15H19N5O7S
e) Molecular weight: 413.4
f) CAS no.: 94593 - 91 - 6

a) Common name: cinosulfuron
b) Structure formula: 

Physical - chemical properties:
a) Appearance: colorless crystalline powder
b) Melting point: 127.0 - 135.2oC ()
c) V. p.: o)
d) KOWlogP: 2.04 (pH 2. 1, 25o)
e) S. g. / density: 1.47 (20o)
f) Solubility:
1) In water: 120 (pH 5.), 4000 (pH 6.g), 19000 (pH 8.a) (all in mg / L, 25o)
2) In acetone: 36000, toluene 540, ethanol 1900, n - octanol 260, n - hexane o)
g) Stability:
1) Decomposes above the melting point
2) No significant hydrolysis at pH 7 - 10; considerable hydrolysis at pH 3 - 5

Formulation: 10WP

Technical specification: 92TC
a) Appearance: light yellow powder
b) a. i. content (m / 13): 92.0% ()
c) Moisture content (m / 13): 1.0% ()
d) pH value: 3 ?5

Analysis: HPLC

a) Biochemistry: branched chain amino acid synthesis (acetolactate synthase or )
inhibitor. Also used in tropical plantation crops. Acts by inhibiting biosynthesis of the essential amino acids valine
and isoleucine, hence stopping cell division and plant growth
b) Action: absorbed primarily by shoots and roots, and translocated to actively growing
meristematic tissue.
c) Uses: applied post - emergence to control many weeds, Annaal Cyperus
Eleocharis, including Alisma, Marsilea, Potmnogeton and Sagittarla spp., directly seeded, Monochoria vaginalis
and Sphenoclea zeylanica in transplanted, wet - sown, water - sown,
and dry - sown rice crops, at 20 - 80g / ha.
For full weed spectrum, may need to be combined with a grass herbicide in tank - mix
or sequential treatment. Non - sensitising to skin (guinea ). 

Packaging: 25kg / plastic woven bag or cardboard drum lined with plastic bag

a) Oral: acute oral LD50 rats and mice >5000mg / kg
b) Skin and eyes: acute percutaneous LD50 for rats >2000mg / kg; not irritating
to skin or eyes of rabbits. 
c) Inhalation: LC50 for rats >5mg / L air
d) NOEL: () in rats 400, mice 60ppm; () for dogs 2500ppm
e) Birds: acute oral LD50 for Japanese quails >2000mg / kg
f) Fish: LC50 () for rainbow trout >100mg / L
g) Bees: non - toxic; LD50 (oral and ) >100ug / bee
h) Worms: LC50 () for Eisenia foetida 1000mg / kg
i) Daphnia: LC50 () 2500 mg / L

Our Cinosulfuron comply with International Quality Standards and their quality and durability are fully guranteed.

Contact information: Inquire
Address: 30 Huagong Road, Huai'an, Jiangsu Province. China
Company Name: Jiangsu Anpon Electrochemical Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Xing Hua
Fax: 0086-517-3632815
Telephone: 0086-517-3556111
Zip: 223002

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