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QAM Modulator
QAM Modulator
Detailed QAM Modulator Description
a) Fully DVB - C ETSI / EN 300 429 compliant
b) Supports 16QAM / 32QAM / 64QAM / 128QAM / 256QAM coding
c) Symbol rate: 1.10 - 7.00MS / s
d) IF output fixed on 36.125MHZ or 1 - 75MH tuneable
e) Provides agile RF output on frequencies between 110MHz - 860MHz, 
minimum tuning step 0.1MHz
f) RF output level: 110 - 118dBuv
g) ASI, DS3 input support (DS3 )
h) ASI, DS3 transparent loop through output support
i) DS3 to ASI transparent loop through output support
j) RF output software turn - off support
k) PSI / SI table processing and editing 
l) PID segment filtering and re - mapping
m) Remote Ethernet management support
n) Online upgrading and backup support
o) Adopts digital high intermediate frequency () modulating technology 
p) Achieves high performance in Modulation Error Rate (), Carrier - to-
Noise Ratio, and Phase and Level Distortion specifications
q) Supports DS3 input and output, PSI / SI table modification and PID filtering 
and re - mapping
r) UMH - 300 QAM modulator allows digital MPEG - 2 packet data to be 
transported through conventional CATV RF networks.

Rear Panel: 
a) RF out: one -30dB port for test and one MAIN output, BNC connector
b) IF: IF IN and OUT, BNC connector
c) ASI: two inputs IN1 and IN2 and two output OUT1 and OUT2, BNC connector
d) DS3: one receiving port RX and one sending port TX, BNC connector
e) Ethernet: Ethernet interface, RJ45 connector

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Company Name: Unionman Technology Ltd.
Contact Person: Bill Zou
Fax: 86-752-2526660
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