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QB60 Pump
QB60 Pump
Detailed QB60 Pump Description
Working principle:
Peripheral pumps with the peripheral edge of the impeller 
containing numerous radial blades are designed to yield energy to 
the fluid being pumped. Since each blade helps transfer energy, 
the fluid pressure increases progressively as it passes from the 
suction opening. The particular shape of the blades rapidly 
transfers radial recirculation motion to the fluid on entry to the pumps, 
between the impeller blades and the double channel, machined on 
each side of the pump bodies. This ensures an even non - pulsing flow and high 
pressure with particularly steep curves. They are reliable, economical and simple to use; suitable 
for domestic applications, such as the automatic distribution of water 
from surge tanks, watering gardens and boosting insufficient main
water pressure. The relatively simple 
construction technology embodied in the series nevertheless requires 
particularly accurate mechanical machining during manufacture to 
prevent a drop in performance

These pumps should be installed in a covered area, protected 
against the weather

These pumps are suitable for handling clear water without abrasive 
particles and fluids which are not chemically aggressive to the pump 

a) High heads with respect to power requirements
b) Stable operating curves, with small variations in delivery rates with 
respect to large variations in the pressure demand
c) High tolerance of the presence of entrained air in the liquid being 

Insulation (class ):
The thermal cutout relay (motor ) is incorporated in 
single - phase motors. Three -phase motors require adequate 
external motor protectors, with connections according to current 

Structural characteristics: 
a) Cast iron pump body, with UNI ISO228 / 1 gas threaded suction 
and delivery openings
b) Aluminum motor bracket with front brass insert (), 
reducing difficulties when starting the pump after long periods 
without use due to the impeller blocking
c) Brass impeller, with radial peripheral blades floating on the shaft
d) Stainless steel motor shaft
e) Ceramic and graphite mechanical seal
f) Motor: the pumps are coupled directly to asynchronous and high 
efficient "TAIFU" induction motors of suitable sizes, which runs 
quietly and are closed and externally ventilated, with structural 
shape suitable for continuous duty

Protection grade: IP54

Our QB60 Pump comply with International Quality Standards and their quality and durability are fully guranteed.

Contact information: Inquire
Address: Dayangcheng Industrial Zone, Wenling City, Daxi Town, Zhejiang Province. China
Company Name: Taifu Pump Dongye Motor Haitun Pressure Switch Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Ms. Zhao Peihong
Fax: 86-576-6312863
Mobile Phone: 86-13606861439
Telephone: 86-576-6312869
Zip: 317525

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